Translations of Beauty


Chosen by THE NEW YORK TIMES as “A New Immigrant Classic!”

A USA Today pick  for Summer Reading

A Book-of-the Month/Quality Paperback Book Club Selection

Translations of Beauty maps the tender yet tumultuous relationship of twin sisters Inah and Yunah, from their early years in South Korea to their coming-of-age in Queens, New York. At the heart of the narrative — told from Yunah’s intimate, engaging point of view — is an unforgettable event from their childhood: an accident that disfigured Inah for life, and the overwhelming sadness and guilt Yunah feels at having been spared. Now that Inah and Yunah are adults, each in search of her own identity while trying to remain true to traditional family values, they must find a way to negotiate their past and become the people they dare — and dream — to be.

Emotionally charged and thought-provoking, Translations of Beauty is an insightful saga of the immigrant experience that will resonate with all readers.


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